Pre-fabricated Turbine House

  • Prefabricated turbine house built up to 3.6 m wide, 3.5 m high and 6-10 m long.

  • Easily transported complete with all internal fitments including turbine, generator, internal pipe

    work, power and control panels, Lifting beam arrangements, utilities, fully sheeted

  • Insulated walls and roof to keep noise to <40db at 3m.

  • If fully welded HDPE pipe is used for the water supply and terminating with steel sections fully

    flanged then the turbine need not necessarily be bolted down and may be placed on rubber strip or anti-vibration pads to avoid transmission of vibration into the ground. These may transmit several hundred meters to local residence.

  • The turbine house may be assembled in a labour saving manner whereby it is transported to each of the Companies that are employed in its manufacture and fitting out. It may then be tested as each Company completes their work finally in the electrical installation and fully tested and for all electrical and control systems as Factory acceptance testing.

  • Where induction generators are used these may be run up as motors to prove mechanical systems. Alternative pumped supplies may be considered if transported distances are very long.

  • Transport would usually be by 4 axle rigid or articulated trucks with HIAB or similar loading equipment. Where the truck is unable to access the HEP site the turbine house may be offloaded to tractor/trailer transport for soft ground and river crossings etc.

  • Planning authorisation sometimes requires local construction materials such a slate walls and/or roof. This is accommodated by building a dry stone wall around the outside leaning into the walls of the pre-fabricated turbine house. The roof may be fitted with slating battens and slates etc to complete the specification, without interfering with commissioning of the HEP scheme.

  • The inner sheeting is perforated galvanised sheet to allow the sound to be absorbed by insulation in the cavity.

  • Opening such as cooling fans and cool air inlets and doorways may be extended to reach to the outer face of the dry stone walling.

  • Turbine systems up to 100kW are easily fitted into prefabricated houses. For larger sizes or multiple turbines then bolt together units are available.