Pre-fabricated Metering Cubicle

  • The grid connection point and cut out is best installed as the DNO (or contractor) installed the grid LV cable so that all the system may be completed to their schedule whether the turbine house is ready for the connection or not.

  • The space for the meters with CT chamber if required would be complete when the supply is set up with the import supplier and/or export purchaser.

  • Trunking should be installed to the clients Isolation fused switch and to the HEP isolation and fused switch.

  • Where local users take advantage of the HEP supply their isolation fused switches should be supplied from this point. By this means supplies may be made to all connected items without interference for an individual.

  • The metering cubicles for 3 phase supplies have a minimum size specified by the DNO. Single phase grid only systems may be considerably smaller.

  • The metering cubicle is a typical GRP front access door(s) with a plywood back board and all the trunking and fused isolators fitted as a prefabrication before delivery to site.

  • It should be mounted and bolted down to a concrete slab fitted with cable ducts at least 2 m long to carry the cables away from the cubicle for installation underground.

  • If the HEP is a long way from the metering cubicle to minimize the work done by the DNO then the cable losses in the HEP cable will become a voltage rise at the HEP, particularly at full load. Therefore a no load Voltage sensing cable from a dedicated fused isolator in the metering cubicle to the HEP would be installed to the G59 grid protection relay to avoid premature high voltage trips.